Thursday, August 30, 2007

Quote of the Day, August29th, 2007

Patient is admitted for cardiac/renal problems. She is known to be very non-compliant (had a transplanted kidney from a family member that failed because she wouldn't take her meds), and Dr. S has had this pt before. Patient has a history of seizures. At discharge last time, Dr. S prescribed Dilantin (phenytoin), an anti-seizure medication.

Dr. S: "Are you taking your Dilantin?"
Pt: "No, doctor, because I stopped shaking..."
Dr. S: "Who told you to stop taking your Dilantin?"
Pt: "No one doctor, I just stopped"
Dr. S: "You can't just stop taking your medication...especially ones for seizures"
Pt: "But I'm not shaking anymore, doctor..."
Me (in my head): "Yeah, you're not shaking anymore 'cuz you were taking Dilantin!"
Dr. S: "Are you driving?"
Pt: "Yes."
Dr. S: "AMiB, go grab me a DMV reporting form"

So people out there - if you want to stop taking your meds, no matter what kind, PLEASE, for our safety and yours, ASK your doc before doing so!