Thursday, March 6, 2008

QUB Scrubs Emergency Medicine 2008, Day 1

So, Day 1 (of 2) is over of the QUB Scrubs Emergency Medicine conference for 2008. It was pretty good, although a lot of the morning lectures I've heard before (ABCDE, causes of SOB/ACS, etc etc), but it was still fun because the friends who came with my from St. Andrews and I were passing writing notes to one another on our little notepads...

After lunch, there was a circuit of 6 skills stations, including Cannulation, ABG taking, ABG interpretations, some Sim-Man sessions with the Territorial Army, which were really awesome because I got to use my ABCDE skills from the ILS sessions as well as my EMT-B training from back home to care for a "soldier" (SimMan dressed in army gear) who had been a prolonged extraction from an crash.

Tomorrow looks to be interesting as well, with different lectures including things like Diabetic and Obstetric Emergencies, as well as more skills stations, like suturing and defibrillation. These topics are more fun than what you'd study in a medical assistant degree program.

Anyway, my friends and I are going to relax after a MASSIVE dinner at Villa Italia, and might just watch a movie and get ready for tomorrow!