Monday, June 25, 2007

My last post about drinks...I swear O:-)

Mexican Jumping Bean. How did I not see this one before?! Instead of Vanilla and instead of Caramel, it's Mexican chocolate (that sounds like it would be a good nickname for the Mexico Medical Student...please let me know if you object :-D) and Hazelnut. There was also some powder strewn about in the cup, but I have no idea what it was (I'm pretty bad at recognizing flavors...I just love enjoying them:-P).

ANYWAY. We've been seeing a lot of Community-acquired Pneumonia recently. It's been getting the Infectious Disease guys pretty worried. Speaking of which, why the hell do we need an ID consult on every patient who has some type of infection? If Mrs. Random has a UTI and we decide to put her on some Levaquin, why should we have to wait for them to come and see her? Apparently some of the Hospitalists stopped doing this a while back, and they started bitching to the Chief of Medicine...whoops.