Tuesday, July 3, 2007

AMiB, Hospitalist Groupie. (and other stuff from a 12-hour day)

8am - Arrive at hospital, head to 7W. Dr. B, General Surgeon, is there seeing one of our patients. Funny story about that: We met Thursday when he and Dr. A were discussing the patient. Over the weekend, we went to a party for a family friend. I saw Dr. B, and and for a little while, I didn't recognize him - but then I did. Went over, talked for a bit. Turns out he went to a Uni not too far from mine, and now is practicing General Surgery at my hospital. Says that they'll be writing up the case, and wants to know if I'd like to help out and be published. To which I responded a calm, "Yeah, that'd be great." while inside thinking "HELLZ YEAH!!!". I don't want to get too excited now though, because I always do that and then things never turn out my way.
9am - Start with Dr. S, Hospitalist. Saw a lot of interesting patients. Can't remember any right know though. It's been a long day :-P
11am - Hospitalists Round meeting. As usual
12pm - We're waiting on a drug rep to bring us lunch. All of a sudden this guy from Boston Market comes in.
Boston Market Guy: I'm gonna need a place to put all this food.
Dr. A: Just use this desk.
BMG: Yeah....that's not gonna be big enough....
Dr. A: uhhh...seriously?
BMG: Yeah...well, I'll try.
BMG proceeds to take out large amount of food, including but not limited to: chicken, turkey, steak, corn bread, sweet potato casserole, vegetables, mashed potatoes, gravy, and chocolate chip cookies. It. was. amazing.
BMG then proceeds to tell us about a new use for an old drug, as well as 2 new drugs, which was useful, because we had a patient who needed one. We then scored a free pen and crazy-bright LED flashlight. Should I feel bad for being sucked in by drug reps? Probably. Do I? Absolutely not, lol.
1.45pm - Up on 4E, an amusing conversation:
Nurse (to me): So are you Interning or something? I always see you around with the hospitalists.
Me (to nurse): Nope, I'm just a student. I just follow whoever is on call and watch.
Dr. S: He is a trooper....He's like our groupie.
2.59pm - Finish with Dr. S
3.01pm - Head down to ER. Meet Dr. M, Emergency Physician. Ask to shadow. Start shadowing. I really missed the ER. Had 2 critical patients back to back, both were sedated and intubated using RSI. One was a drug overdose who started vomiting in the ambulance after Narcan administration, went into SVT. When I was leaving, they had tried cardioverting him with no effect. I think they tried some adenosine too, not sure.
8.35pm - Make the decision to leave (that's usually how it is in the ER, because once the new doc comes on, Dr. M stops seeing new patients).

Was quite an educational, eventful, and promising day. And now I am ridiculously tired, I still need to go on the treadmill, and I have to look up everything there is on the internet about SMA syndrome.