Monday, February 25, 2008


Funny Facts
Each of you [visitors] will be getting a different "fact" about me...feel free to refresh to get another one lol

Last Friday and Saturday were two of the best days of medical school I have had so far. Friday was the first Cycle of MD4003 - Applied Medical Sciences. Besides our dissertation, it is the only class we have, taking up an entire Friday (9-4) once every fortnight. Hopefully I will find time to elaborate later (although I seem to find plenty of time to find meme's online...hmm). Friday I and 29 of my colleagues became ILS (Immediate Life Support) certified by the Resuscitation Council of the UK. It was basically a refresher of what I did back in the summer when I became an ACLS Provider back home in the states. It was still great fun, and luckily no one killed anyone with the defibs (they were live). The instructors were pretty laid back and funny, too, which always helps. Although after one of them gave the lecture on the ALS Algorith, I went up and asked him about a couple discrepancies between the UK algorith and the USA/AHA algorithm. He sort of laughed when I said I was American (I get that a lot), and then seemed to pick on me a bit for the rest of the day. Or maybe I was imagining it. At one point though when we were practicing, a put my stethoscope around my neck (y'know, because its the simplest place to put it), but then he came up to me and asked if I was a doctor and if not then why my scope was around my neck. I guess in Tayside they don't allow anyone but Consultants to wear them. Weirdos.