Wednesday, February 20, 2008


So I had another meeting with my dissertation adviser today, and I think we've changed my project completely. It's ok though, because this one doesn't go completely over my head like the last one.

From what I understand, I'm meant to analyze patterns in 4 biopsies of breast cancers, look for DNA amplicons, and try and match them to known gene transcription regions in the human genome. For example, on chromosome 17, there is a large area of DNA amplification on the "q" segment (lol don't I sound fancy - I barely even understand what I'm saying!), and when you match that to the human genome, you see that this is the are in which the HERB B2 binding site is. This is the major site of action of the relatively new anti-breast cancer drug, herceptin. So basically I'm supposed to spend the next few days or so looking at different amplification regions, and looking for patterns of areas of genomic transcription. Or something like that. Maybe I've completely misunderstood, or am just spewing complete BS to look smart.

Probably that last one. lol.