Friday, February 15, 2008


So it looks like I'll be doing some type of research about p53 transcription factor binding sites for my dissertation. If that went over your head when you read it, don't worry - it went straight over mine too, especially when my advisor was trying to explain it to me. All I know is that p53 is a protein that regulates the cell cycle, and it's very important in cancer.

From what I understand about the project, which he said was origianlly supposed to be a PhD project for a Bioinformatics PhD (WTF?!), he wants me to use some random online genome browsers etc to search for p53 transcription factor binding sites, and find all the ones that have to do with cancer. Or something like that. I'm still not completely sure yet. We'll see how that goes lol.

In other news, the Deans of the Manchester Hospitals are coming for their annual visit next Wednesday, if I have time/remember, maybe I'll make a post about how it went. I tend to neglect this blog, even when I don't have a lot of stuff to do. However with this new, semi-empty schedule of this semester, I've had to schedule my own life (Outlook(r) runs my life!) and I tend to leave out things like "blogging" and "relaxing" times lol.

Also, USMLE revision has slowly begun. Some colleagues and I have set up a small weekly study group, and while our first meeting was somewhat of a bust, I think it should get better. Hopefully I (and everyone else) will actually do the work before the session this time.

On the fitness front, I am trying to use this open schedule to my advantage. I wrote a 3-day workout plan for me and my 2 gym buddies, and it's pretty hardcore, if I do say so myself. I've also started taking some new supplements (including a ridiculous 11-tablet multivitamin that turns your piss bright yellow [but don't worry, those are just the B-vitamins]), but I won't really talk about them on here until they work (or not). I am also going on morning walk-jog intervals (I hate calling them runs/jogs because a majority of the time is spent walking, with intermittent jogging) with one of my gym buddies (the other won't wake up that early). All this combined with a 1300-calorie-a-day deficit is keeping me on track with my new short-term weight/body fat loss goals.

So, while I realize this is quite the random post about everything, I'll summarize by saying everything, all in all, seems to be going quite well (and of course the moment I post this something will go horribly wrong).

Until next time,