Sunday, October 14, 2007

Clinical Medicine Module: Surgery Rotation

So last Thursday was my Surgery rotation as part of the Bute's new Clinical Medicine Module. We're basically the guinea pigs for this, but at least most of the kinks from last year's class had already been worked out. It was basically what I imagine an Introduction to Clinical Medicine class would be like if I were back home. There were 6 of us, and one Consultant (an Attending, back home), and we basically just went on a small Ward Round. He would explain to us basic things, do a lot of basic science pimping, as well as explaining some more of the semantic things about patient care (DVT prophylaxis with LMWH and stockings, etc).

For those of our class who have no/little hospital experience from a patient carer standpoint (eg doctor/nurse, as opposed to clerk), I think it was very beneficial. I'm not trying to sound cocky, but most of the stuff he told me I learned this past summer with the Hospitalists. However, he did show me how much basic anatomy I had forgotten over the summer/past year.

Overall I think it was pretty good, and while I was really looking forward to my A&E day next sememster, it turns out that it's just a ortho fracture review...but the Consultant offered everyone some Saturday night shifts in the A&E doing proper work, so I might just...pretend I have already met him and take him up on the offer :-)

In other news, I am very behind in my work. We have mainly only had Anatomy lectures so far (Head & Neck, and CNS), with a little bit of Pharm (General Anaesthetics, etc) thrown in for fun. I have written up 3 of the 15 lectures we've had, and more start tomorrow....*sigh*. That's med school for you...