Monday, October 29, 2007

I love work! :-D </sarcasm>

So, as Week 5 begins, I'm starting to freak out more and more. We have 12 hrs of class this week, and 14 next week (both less than normal), and then Week 7 is our University-wide "Reading Week". I don't really know why they call it that, unless for us medics. Everyone else in the entire University goes traveling or drinking (more than they already do during term) or home or something. The medics? We lock ourselves in the library/study/computer rooms and "revise" everything we've "learned" in the past 6 weeks.
Then Day 1 of Week 8 is our Mid-Semester Assessment, which counts for 25% of our module mark (the other 75% being our End-of-Semester Assessment). Then we continue on with our busy schedules until Christmas Vacation, which is a 2 week break spent - you guessed it - studying! Because exams are a week after that lol. I shouldn't really be complaining though, from what I hear they have it a lot harder back home, both in terms of workload and continuous assessment.

Alrighty, time to get back to it, I guess. Sedatives and Anxiolytics! Maybe I need some of those...