Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Good Day

Every so often, a day comes around that is just...good. Today was one of those days. Allow me to explain:

8.30am - woke up, had breakfast
11am - started the 2 lectures for today (Pharmacology - Neuroleptics and NeuroPhysio - Learning and Memory)
1pm - lectures finished, hop on over to the Union for AsianSoc meeting. everyone is pumped about BINDI·, including me.
2.30pm - got home, wrote up both lectures from today (completely ignoring the fact that I am behind on 11 or so anatomy lectures)
5pm - go to gym. Back and triceps today, and since the whole routine for today only takes 45 minutes or so, I had time for some Cardio (rowing machine) as well. burned a lot of calories, says my bodybugg.
6.15pm - Dinner. not the best, but whatever - its New Hall food, so yeah.
7.30pm - Prepped for Dissection tomorrow. Not as much as I should have, but enough to answer a few questions so they don't think I'm retarded, but not enough to be considered too "keen" (lol love that.)

I played World of Conflict for a little bit, chatted with some friends, and will be headed over to a friend's to watch the latest Heroes and CSI Miami.

Even had time to write a blog post. Awesome.